Where can I load money on my Cash App card?


Our readers continue to contact us with any questions. Many Cash App users had one common question: where can I load money on my Cash App card? The second most popular was “how to put physical cash on a cash app card?” Here in this blog, I am going to answer all such queries of Cash App users. 

You can load cash into your Cash app card by visiting a Walgreens, CVS, or Walmart store. To cash out cash, you may be charged cashing fees. For a step-by-step guide and some other options to reload your Cash card, continue reading. You can also add cash to your Cash Card in a few different ways. We will show you how to add cash to your card using a cash app and your bank account.

What store can I load my cash app card?

You can load your Cash App Card at many stores, including Walmart, CVS Walgreens, Rite Aid, and 7-Eleven. Then, ask the Cashier to deposit the money into your Cash app account. You will need to provide your cash app reference so that the money can be loaded into your Cash App.

As you probably know, the Cash app card can be linked to your Cash account balance. We will be discussing which stores let you load money to your cash app card in this article. In addition, the cash App lets users reload their Cash App card online and in-store.

Your card can be funded using any method you prefer. You can load money on your card using a debit or linked bank card, as well as by visiting retail stores. Many people have questions about where I can put money on my cash app card. This blog will learn how to add cash in Walgreen, Walmart, and other stores.

How do I pay money for a cash app card at a store?

You can load your card in the store if you don’t have a bank account linked. In the past, money could only be added to your Cash App card using your debit card or bank account. You can now add money to your cash app card at many larger convenience stores, including Walmart, Dollar General, and CVS.

You can add funds to your Cash App Card even if you don’t have a bank account. Ask the Cashier at any of these stores to load funds to your Cash app Card. Once the funds have been transferred to your account, you can pay in cash.

How do I add money to my Cash App Card at Walgreens?

Any Walgreens store in the US can add money to your Cash App Card. You will need to visit the Walgreens cash counter to add the amount to your cash card. You can pay the amount in cash, debit, or credit.

Walgreens, a company based in America, is your one-stop-shop for all things pharmaceutical. They also sell a wide range of electronics, skincare products, toys, cosmetics, and other healthcare products. Yes, you can add money to your cash card at Walgreen. Here are the steps to add money to your Walgreen Departmental Store Cash App card:

  • Visit your local Walgreens.
  • At the billing counter, go to the Cashier.
  • Ask the Cashier if you want to load money on your Cash App card.
  • To check if you are a Walgreens regular customer, the Cashier may ask you for your phone number. If so, the Cashier could waive the $4 fee to add money to your card.
  • Cash your cash card and real cash to the Cashier.
  • The Cashier will then transfer money to your Cash App Card.
How do I add money to my Walmart Cash App Card?

Walmart allows you to add or reload cash app cards. The process is identical to CVS or Walgreens. Go to the Walmart cashier to deposit the cash into the account. Walmart Cashier will verify your account details and reload them. It is easy and simple to add money  to your Cash App Card. Visit any Walmart in your local area to add funds. You can ask the Cashier to add money to your Cash Card.

The Cashier may add money to your account. If you have a large balance, the fees could be as high as 100-200 dollars. A lower fee may apply if your balance is small. You might be able to get a cashier to add money into your cash app right after closing time 2. However, they may charge you extra for extra time.

How do I load my Cash App Card at Dollar General?

Dollar General is a well-known departmental store in America where you can find almost anything you need in your daily life. You can also add money to Cash App Cards by visiting Dollar General Store. Here are the steps to add money to your Cash App Card at Dollar General Store:

  • Visit any Dollar General near you.
  • Ask the Cashier at the billing counter directly.
  • Ask the Cashier for money to be loaded to your Cash App card.
  • Give your number to the Cashier, and they will give you your cash card.
  • Pay cash and $4 to the Cashier.
  • After your card has been loaded, you can now spend your Cash App money at stores that accept Visa.
  • Whether you visit a Dollar or Walmart store, the process is the same wherever you want to withdraw money or load your account. These exchanges might charge fees to add money.

How do you add money to a Cash App Card using a bank account?

Following are the steps you need to take to add money to a cash card if you have linked a bank account to Cash App.

  • Unlock the Cash App and click in the “Banking” or “My Cash” tabs.
  • Then hit the Add Money button.
  • Enter the amount you wish to add to your Cash App wallet.
  • Tap the Add Money tab again.
  • At the last stage scan your finger or enter a PIN to complete the transaction.

How to add money to a cash app card without a bank account?

You can add cash to your Cash App Card without going to a bank. However, you will need to do this through someone else. It is possible to give cash to a friend using the Cash App and send it to the app. You can access the cash app card when you receive it through the app.

You can send money requests directly to friends, family, and contacts. In addition, it is easy to send money requests via Cash App. Although this isn’t a guarantee that you will receive money in your Cash App wallet, it is a good idea to give it a try.

  • Install a Cash App on Your Phone.
  • Click the Request button.
  • Select the contact(s) in your list that you wish to send a request for money.
  • It is possible to find people using their phone numbers, email ID, or cashtag ID.
  • Next, click the Send Request button.
  • Let’s wait and see what happens next.
  • If you send a request to your contacts, they may accept it and send money to you if they want. They may reject your request.


To sum up, after reading this post, you will now be able to add money to your Cash App card. We also discussed other ways to load money if Walmart refuses your request to add cash to your Cash App wallet. You may have seen how straightforward it is to send money requests through Cash App. You can reach the Cash App customer service if there are any issues adding money to a cash app card.