Transfer Money From PayPal To Cash App

Transfer Money From PayPal To Cash App

In this fast moving world and changing time, it has become very common to transfer money online and pay digitally. With the sudden boost in the wire transfers, there are so many mediums such as PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, and Google Pay that are catering to this market. Among these applications, Cash App is one of the most popular digital money transfer apps that has become a household name in the United States. It enables direct deposits for receiving paychecks to account, and its users can get a Cash App card.

Although Cash App came into the market very late as compared to other payment apps such as PayPal, still it is far ahead from others as it allows users to contact cash app customer service for all kinds of online payment solutions. 

Here is a simple process of sending money from PayPal to Cash App: 

Paypal is also a well-known money transfer app that works globally. There are millions of users all across the world who are using this application for transferring and receiving money digitally. 

Some people use more than one money transfer app so they want to know if money transfer from PayPal to Cash App is possible. PayPal does not allow users to directly send money to the Cash App but users can transfer funds to the bank account. So if you want to send money from PayPal to Cash App, you will have to first transfer funds from Paypal to a bank account and then add it into the cash app.  

Transfer money from PayPal to your bank account 

As you know, it is prohibited to transfer money from PalPal to a Cash app as you can not link these apps together so you need to transfer money into bank then add into Cash App: 

  1. Sign in for a PayPal account
  2. At the screen, you can the “Wallet” and “Transfer Money”
  3. Select the Transfer Money to Bank option
  4. Select the bank name and ‘Next’.
  5. Enter the money amount than ‘Continue’.
  6. Reevaluate all the required before clicking ‘Transfer’.

Transferring Money from bank account to Cash App: 

  1. The first step is to log into the Cash App account
  2. Select the My Cash 
  3. On this, click “Add Cash” and select you linked bank account
  4. Put in the other details such the total number of money, 
  5. Do check all the details before you proceed to “add”

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