How To Track Cash App Card? What To If You lost your Card?

Track Cash App Card

Cash App Card is not a traceable device. It can be used for only making payments at offline stores and withdrawing payments from ATMs. As far as tracking Cash App card is concerned, it has no GPS to track. There is a small chip, which stores your Cash Account details. If you have lost your Cash Card then, there is no way to find it physically. There is the only way left, block the card so that you can save your Cash App funds.

Cash Card and Cash App wallet balance are linked, which means the user can use the Cash card till there is a balance in the Cash App account. It enables the user to roam around without carrying the wallet and hard cash. You make payment for all your outdoor shopping using the Cash App Card. If there is a requirement, you can also withdraw Cash App funds from the ATMs. 

Now, what will you do if your Cash App Card is stolen, or you lost it somewhere? It is already stated above that there is no chance of tracking it physically. To save the Cash App Card, you must immediately block the card. Once you disable the card, it cannot be used, for payments anymore.

One thing the user must know is that Cash App is famous for its smooth and fast payment services. At present, nearly 36 million users are using this platform for sending and receiving payments online. It has grievance redressal support, and user can submit their dispute with Cash App easily. In this article below, you will find relevant information about Cash App Card and how one can protect Cash App payments if Cash Card is stolen or lost.

How Do I Track My Cash App Card?

Tracking of Cash App card is not possible, as it has no GPS or any other smart chips that help in tracking. Once you lose your Cash Card, you cannot trace it. However, you can block or disable your card immediately using your Cash App. After that, no one can use your Cash Card for purchase or withdrawal of payment. Here are the steps below you need to follow while disabling the Cash Card:

  1. Open your Cash App Account on phone.
  2. Click on the Cash Card tab.
  3. Tap on the Cash Card image
  4. Then select ‘Disable Cash Card’

Your Cash App Card will be disabled immediately, and no one can use your card. Suppose you get back the Cash Card, simply follow the steps mentioned above and enable the Card. 

Cash App also allows users to report the lost or missing Cash Card. Users can follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Cash App Account on the Phone.
  2. Go to the Cash Card section
  3. Tap the Cash Card image
  4. Now, select ‘Problem with Card’
  5. Choose ‘Card Stolen’
  6. Enter the security PIN or Touch ID to proceed.

Cash App will deactivate your card immediately after reporting the problem. Once your card is deactivated, no one can use it. Your card will be a mere plastic card nothing else. 

After that, you can order a new Cash App card. To order a Cash App card, you need to follow some steps as mentioned below.

How to order a Cash Card?

  1. Launch Cash App on your Phone.
  2. Sign In to your account.
  3. Click on the Cash Card tab.
  4. Tap on ‘Get Free Cash Card’
  5. Select the Card colour and tap ‘Continue’.
  6. Customize your Card and follow the prompts.
  7. Put signature on your Card.
  8. Fill in your details asked therein.
  9. In the end, confirm the details.

After submitting the Cash Card request as per the procedure, it will reach out to you within 10 business days. You can use your Cash Card for online and offline shopping. It will help you to withdraw the Cash App fund easily from the ATMs.

Here it is important to specify that the user must complete at least 18 years of age. Cash App reject your Cash Card request if you are not fulfilling the age norm.

You also need to verify your Cash App account. Submit your details like full name, date of birth, mailing address and last four digits of the SSN. Cash App may also ask for some additional information to ascertain the identity.

How to report your Cash Card Missing or Stolen on Cash App?

The Cash App users must report Cash Card missing or stolen immediately once you lost your card. If there is an attempt to use Cash Card or any unusual activity that you notice, block your card and report the same on Cash App.

If you do not take timely steps, your card, or account may get compromised. Hence timely action is important to avoid such issues. If you ignore the issue, someone can use your card to withdraw payment from the Cash App account. 

Therefore, report your card missing on Cash App and block or deactivate the same. If there is an issue and you are unable to find the solution, contact Cash App Live Agent to get help. 

Can you protect your Cash Card from being stolen?

Obviously, you can protect your Cash Card. It is up to you how you care about your personal belongings. Keep your Cash Card in a safe place in your bag or home. Carry your Card only when you are going shopping or withdrawing payment. 

You should also keep your Card and phone away from others. Never share your Cash App Pin or password with anyone. Enable two-step authentication on your Cash App, so it notifies you whenever someone accesses your Card or Phone. 

There is another security measure also, i.e. Cash App Security lock. Enable the security lock on Cash App so that you need to enter a password to process every transaction on Cash App.

There are scams and phishing attempts also, you should be extra cautious while using the application for payments. In case you find anything suspicious with your account, immediately change your password.


In this article, we have discussed whether users can track Cash App Card or not? What to do if cash Card is stolen or lost. Users can not track the Cash App Card, and it is well explained above. However, there are some security measures that one should take care of. If you lost your Cash Card or it is stolen, first block the card from the Cash App.

Secondly, report Cash Card Missing on Cash App and deactivate the account. After that, you will not be able to use your card if you got it back. Then you need to order a new card as per the instruction given above. If you face any problem while reporting the missing Card, contact customer support and get a solution.

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