Cash App for Teenager: How to Set Up A Cash App for Minors Account

Cash App for Teenager

Therefore, the age group of 13 to 17 years old teenagers can set up a Cash App account. However, the consent of parents is required to set up a Cash App minor account. Cash app contacts the parents to know their stand on creating a Cash App teenager account. 

The digital payment industry has changed the way of banking and financial services in the world. Every facility whether it is an online transfer or requesting money is at your fingertips. Square Cash App had started its online payment platform in the year 2013. Over the years, with every passing day, month and year, its user base has reached an all-time high of 70 million users.

If you are wondering, can I open a Cash app account If I am under 18, or can teenagers use the Cash App for payments? All queries have been addressed in this article below.

Can I Open a Cash App Account For Teenager?

Yes, you can certainly open a teenager account on Cash App. Earlier, people aged 18 or above years were allowed to set up a Cash App account. But, now the permission has been granted to the teenagers also to create an account on Cash App. 

Cash App has recently announced that teenagers can now create an account on Cash App. However, the consent or approval of the parents is required to grant a teenager account. It implies that a US resident age 13 and above can use Cash App services.

As a guardian or parent, you may be worried about the spending habits of your child or how to ensure that they are using Cash App as per the policy? That is why Cash App grants access to the teenager Cash App account only after parental authorization. Parents can check monthly statements of the account, and if there is any issue, contact Cash App Support.

How to create an account on cash app teenagers?

Using Cash App is a free payment application, and people can easily set up a Cash App account. Create an under 18 account as per the following instructions:

  1. Visit Google Play Store or App store and download the Cash App.
  2. Open the application and go for registration.
  3. Provide your e-mail address or mobile number in the given field.
  4. Enter the verification code and proceed.
  5. Link your debit card details or parents debit card.
  6. Set a Cash App Username or Cashtag and add your zip code.
  7. In the case of the Cash App account for teenagers (13 to 17-years), the user needs to enter the parent’s e-mail ID and phone number.
  8. Order Cash App Card to start the authorization process.
  9. The Cash App will contact the parents or guardian and accordingly authorize the account.

What is the limit for Cash App account for teenagers?

There is no difference in daily, weekly and monthly sending limit for under 18 or above 18 accounts. Teenagers can also send or receive payment worth $1000 in any 30 days. 

Moreover, if an account is verified, then the spending limit increased up to $7500 in a month while there is no receiving limit. The cash-out limit from the balance is $25000 in a week. The users can customize their Cash Card by selecting colour, signature and $Cashtag ID.

Are there any restrictions for Cash App Minor’s Account

  • Yes, there are certain restrictions on teenager account on Cash App. Those who are having an account under 18, should keep the limit of the account in mind. 
  • Parents and guardians are the actual authorised owner of the minor account. The Cash Card for minors is also different from the regular card when it comes to the rule. 
  • The Cash card for minors is not applicable at liquor shops, nightclubs, bars, hotels, car rentals, and dating apps, etc. 
  • The parents have full control over the transactions. Parents can reject or approve the transactions.
  • The users can not use the Cash App services until it is approved by the cash App after obtaining consent from the parents or guardian. Running Cash App minor’s account without parent’s consent is not possible.
  • Several features are blocked in teenager Cash Card like stock & bitcoin investment, cross border transactions and borrowing. The minor Cash App accounts are under the supervision of the parents or guardian, hence, they can terminate the account as and when required.
  • In case of any irregularity with the teenager account, the parents can terminate the account or can approach customer support to get help.

Final Remarks

The Cash App has now permitted people under 18 to create a Cash app account. It implies that teenager aged between 13 to 17 years are eligible to create an account on Cash App. Users 18 years or above are already eligible to set up an account. However, there is a requirement of parental authorization to set up a Cash App account for teenager.

There is a certain limitation with Cash App minor account also. The parental control is there on the teenager account. Hence, parents have the authority to reject or approve the transactions on the minor’s account. Cash Card of teenage cash app account can’t use at selection locations as discussed above.

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