Can I use Cash App as an Anonymous User? Complete Guide 2022

Cash App Anonymous User

Certainly, you can use Cash App for payments as an anonymous user. Cash App allows users to send or receive money without verifying their identity. However, there are limitations with such an unverified account with Cash App. 

If you are planning to use Cash App anonymously, then ready to miss many attractive features of the Cash App. Before opening the account on Cash App, one must read the terms and conditions of the Cash App. There is no harm in using an anonymous Cash App account if you want to deal with the limited transaction and some selective features.

Furthermore, here in this article, you will find the importance of verifying Cash App identity and the cons of using an account as an anonymous user. Read the following information carefully and understand how does Cash App work without identity.

How can I use Cash App features anonymously?

Cash App enables users to open an account and send money or receive payment. Initially, if you decide to hide your identity on Cash App then you are limited to send up to $250 in a 7 days period and receive up to $1000 in any 30 days. 

If you are sending or receiving money within this limit, then there is no issue with Cash App being anonymous. However, when you try to send beyond the prescribed limit, Cash App will prompt you to verify the account. 

How can I send money on Cash App without Verification or Cash App Anonymous User?

The user needs to follow the steps below to send money to another Cash App account without SSN:

  • Open the Cash App on your device.
  • Locate the $ sign and tap the same.
  • Click Send option and select the amount or manually enter the amount.
  • Select the recipient from your Cash App contacts or manually enter the mobile number/e-mail ID or Cashtag.
  • Add remarks or tap Skip to proceed as it is an optional step.
  • Tap the Pay button to transfer the funds, enter Cash App Pin or Touch ID to confirm the payment.

Note: Being an anonymous user, you are eligible to send up to $250 only. Hence, keep this limit in mind while initiating fund transfers. You can easily transfer the payment within the limit without verifying the identity or disclosing SSN on Cash App.

How to send money from the verified account on Cash App Anonymous User?

The Cash App user can hide the identity. Learn how to change the Cash App name to stay anonymous below: 

  • Unlock your Cash App and run the same.
  • Access your account and go to the profile section.
  • Tap on the Personal tab and proceed.
  • You can see your personal details here.
  • Tap on your ‘Name’ in the first box.
  • Delete the name and enter a fake name.
  • You need to follow the instructions.

In this way, you can send an anonymous payment on Cash App. However, hiding identity on Cash App is not a good idea. If you want to use Cash App with full features and without any issues, verifying the identity is always beneficial.

Does Cash App Anonymous User money transfer option?

No, there is no anonymous money transfer option on Cash App. However, users can send payments being anonymous without identity verification. The people who are using an unverified account are not eligible to send money beyond a specific limit. Such people can also not eligible to take part in trading activities.

What is the difference between Cash App verified and Unverified Account?

The verified account holder can use Cash App with more security and features. Here you can check the differences below:

  • Fund Transfer– A verified Cash App user is eligible to transfer money up to $7500 in a week and receive unlimited money. On the other hand, the anonymous or unverified user is limited to transferring only $250 in a week.
  • Features– Cash App verified users have access to all features, whether it is sending money, receiving payments, or withdrawing money. One can also invest in stocks and bitcoins. However, unverified users can send or receive payment only within a specified limit.
  • Cash App Card and Taxes: Verified Cash App users can use Cash Card for payments at the store and online payments also. Users can also enable a direct deposit facility and get a tax refund too. However, a non-verified user cannot use Cash Card and direct deposit services.

Why do you have to verify the Cash App identity?

Cash App is an online banking solution, and there are numerous payment features. Once you verify the identity on Cash App, you get access to the vast features of the Cash App. Go through the following information and understand the benefits of a Cash App verified account:

  • Security: It is one of the key concerns of everyone who is dealing with online payments. Cash App has a strong encryption feature that protects the user’s data. However, verifying identity enhance the security of the individual account. Users can send or receive payments flawlessly.
  • Complete Access of Features: Once you verify the account, you will get complete access to all the features of the Cash App. Send money, receive payment, withdraw cash using Cash Card, enable direct deposit and invest in stocks & bitcoins, etc.
  • Credit Card Transaction: Verified users can add money to the Cash App wallet using a credit card.
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange: Users can purchase bitcoin from the Cash App balance or can sell the bitcoin on a Crypto exchange with a minimum service charge.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q1: How do I send money to Cash App anonymously from the verified account?

A: To send the money anonymously on Cash App, you need to change the Cash App profile name. Once you change the name on the profile tab, users can’t see your actual name.

Q2: What are the major benefits of Cash App verification?

A: debit card transfer, direct deposit After verification of the Cash App identity, users can access all features of the Cash App. Enjoy all services like online transfer, debit card transfer, direct deposit, stocks/bitcoin trading, etc.

Q3: Can I use a fake name on Cash App?

A: Yes, you can change your Cash App profile name. Edit in the current name after visiting the profile tab and use a fake username. 

Q4: Can I use a fake SSN during the Cash App verification process?

A: Cash App identity You should not use a fake SSN to verify the Cash App identity. Cash App analyzes the data or information submitted by the users during the verification process. Cash App may suspend or terminate your account for violating the norms.  


Cash App as mentioned above The user can use the Cash App as an anonymous. However, there are certain limitations with being anonymous on Cash App. One needs to provide a complete name, date of birth and last four digits to verify the account. Once the verification is done, users can enjoy all the features of the Cash App as mentioned above.

The users should not hide information on Cash App. Provide all the information correctly and enjoy the full feature of the application.