Do you find it difficult to activate Cash App card and after many attempts still facing problems in Cash App card activation, worry not. 

Activate Cash App Card

Earlier people relied on traditional bank cards to pay at stores, bills, and shopping but now a large number of users are getting a cash app card and activating it. The Card App card was introduced with an aim to allow users to pay money anywhere and connect this card to the cash app account. With an activated cash app card users do not need to open the app to make a payment as they can do it simply swiping this card. This move to launch its own debit card popularly known as cash card by the Cash App was unprecedented as no other application provides such a card to users. 

It is a fact that the Cash App card has given autonomy to users who did not have access to the mainstream bank VISA/Debit card. The Cash card works like any other debit/credit card and any active Cash App user can get this card. For this, it is required to order a Cash App card from an account. If you are an active user on Cash App you must take the benefits of the Cash App card. 

How To Order And Activate Cash App Card

You can easily order the Cash App card by taking a few steps of the app itself. But apart from this, you should also know how to activate Cash App card. It is important because it is very much required for using this card. Once you order the Cash App card you will receive it at the registered address but you won’t be able to connect it with an account immediately. 

For this, you will have to activate Cash App card. There are many users who are stuck in a stage where they keep thinking How to activate my cash app card and if you are in such a situation you must read this blog to understand the complete process of Cash App card activation. 

How to order a Cash App card?

If you want to get a new Cash App card there are some basic facts that you should know first like you must be above the age of 18 years old, and should have a verified Cash App account. You also need an account or routing number for this card so make sure you complete all the conditions before proceeding to order a Cash App card. And if you do not hold a Cash App app already following are some of that you need to take:

  • Download the Cash App in log into your account
  • At the bottom of the screen in the left side click the “Cart
  • Tap on the green color button to ‘‘Order
  • There are two colors of Cash Card white or black that are available for users, you need to choose one color
  • After you choosing color if you want you can select to get a unique Cashtag and name that on your cash card
  • On the next page, you need to enter the mailing address for delivery of the cash card
  • Before clicking on the continue tab confirm all the details that you entered

After successfully applying for card you should read how to activate cash app card. Because to use your card you need a cash app activate card.

How to Activate the Cash App card? 

Once you complete all the steps you can expect to receive the cash app card within 5-10 working days and for sure you will get it successfully. But the thing is that you will not be able to make any payment with this card unless you activate it. It is similar to the way you activate any bank credit or debit card but the great thing about cash app card activation is that you can do it on the Cash App itself.

There are two easy mechanisms that are used for cash app card activation, and both of these can be done by yourself only. below is the list of methods using anyone one of them, you can activate cash app card.

  • activate cash app card without Qr code.
  • activate cash app card by phone.
  • activate cash app card online.
  • cash app card activation number.
  • activate cash app card Using Qr code.

Steps To activate cash app card with qr code

  1. Open your Cash App Account in mobile phone 
  2. At the bottom of the screen in the left side click on the  Cash Card icon
  3. Once you click on the cash card on your screen you will see “Activate Cash App Card” 
  4. Select the “Scan QR code” among the given options
  5. For the means of scanning QR code, you will have to use your mobile camera
  6. After opening the camera align it with the QR code visible on the backside of the cash card 
  7. You need to keep scanning it is not done, after this, you will receive a notification from the Cash app confirming cash app card activation and your card is officially ready to use. 

Steps to activate cash app card without qr code

There are some users who face difficulties in cash app card activation with QR code because they are unable to scan the cash card QR code properly. So many of them think how I activate the Cash App card without a QR code and is there any other way. Cash App allows users to activate a cash card even with a QR code. Here are  some of the required steps that can help you with this:

  1. Open your Cash App account in mobile device
  2. Search for the setting and help tab at the bottom of the home screen 
  3. In the setting click on the Activate Cash App card
  4. As you don’t have a QR code you need to look for the options such as “Missing QR code”  and “Use CVV” for cash app card activation
  5. You need to complete the identification process by filling the cash card CVV, expiry date, and other required information.


It is confirmed that you can easily activate the cash app card by following all the steps mentioned in this blog. However if you still find it hard to activate the card, then you need to immediately call the Cash App customer service number. Albeit we understand that there are some cash card activation issues that users commonly face but we would still recommend you to once again go through the blog before taking the route of Cash App customer support


Q. What is a  QR code on a Cash card? 

QR code stands for the quick response code, and it is in some way similar to a bar code. It is printed on the backside of the Cash app card and used for activating the cash app card.

Q. Can I activate the Cash App card if I lost a QR code? 

Yes, you can activate a cash card if you lost the QR code. You won’t face any hurdles in cash app card activation as you can do it simply with the help of CVV, expiry date, and other such information on your cash app card. 

Q. How do I deactivate or block my Cash App card?

The only way to de-activate a cash app card is by calling on the cash app phone number the cash app support team will immediately block the card if you want them to do so. 

Q. What is my Cash App PIN after card activation?

There won’t be any changes in your Cash App PIN after card activation as the Cash App PIN and Cash App card PIN both will remain the same. 

Q. Can I activate the Cash App card before it arrives?

No, it is impossible to activate the cash app card before it arrives because you will need the QR code of the cash card and other required details in order to activate cash app card. 

Q What Is Cash App Card Activation Number

Here is cash app card activation number +1-800-809-6583. You can also activate your cash app card by phone.

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How To Activate A Cash App Card
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Activate My Cash App Card

• Initially when I started using the cash app everything was going just fine. I was getting instant money transfers, then one day there was insufficient balance in my account and I forgot to check my cash app balance so my cash card was declined and disabled.

hi Rawlrond,Your concern is good but the problem was that you didn't check your account balance. Now you can reactivate your card and can use it.