Reset Cash App Card Pin

How to Change Cash App Pin? Check how to reset Cash App Card Pin

Cash App is a prominent digital payment app, which has proved its efficacy, usability over the years. It has crossed more than 36 million users, who are actively using the App. Money transfer and receiving payments on Cash App has become an easy job. It is an online platform, which runs on the internet, hence, there are bugs, malware, online frauds and other new-age problems. Here you will learn how to change Cash App Card Pin to stay protected.

The Cash App users should take proper security measures to avoid online fraud, data theft and other related problems. Changing Cash App Pin is one of the key security measures, which one should do from time to time. You may also face situations where you forgot the Cash App Pin or your account is compromised, change your security Pin Immediately. Learn how to reset Cash App Card Pin here in this article.

What is a Cash App Pin?

Cash App Pin is a security code that is required to complete any transaction on Cash App. Users need to enter Touch ID or Pin, to confirm the transaction. Cash App allows users to change security Pin at any time.

You should be aware that the Pin for both Cash App and Cash App card is the same. There is no requirement to create a separate pin for the Cash App card.

Assigning Pin on Cash App is a security enhancement, which protects the users from possible online frauds. Never share your Pin with anyone as it may cost you later.

How to activate PIN on Cash App?

The users should know the process of setting up a security Pin on the Cash App. Check how to enable Cash App account Pin below:

  • Open your Cash App account.
  • Visit the profile section of the account.
  • Now, go to the ‘Privacy & Security’ tab.
  • Tap the same and follow the prompts.
  • If you find the green colour, it means the security lock is enabled.
  • Otherwise set your security lock or Pin.
  • After setting up of touch ID or security Pin, you can use the Cash App with more security.

How Can I Change Cash App Card Pin Number?

If you find something wrong with your account or you have doubt about its security, change the Cash App number as early as possible:

  • First of all, open the Cash App account.
  • Click on the profile icon and access your account.
  • Locate the ‘Privacy & Security’ link and tap the same.
  • Click on the “Change Cash Pin’ button.
  • Enter the new Pin and save the changes.
  • You will receive a message that your account security Pin has been successfully changed. 
  • Now, you can go back to the homepage for performing any other tasks.

How can I know my Cash App Card Pin Number?

The Cash App Card PIN is basically a 4 to 6 digits code that is unique for all the Cash App account holders. You must be aware that Cash App Pin and Cash App Card Pin is the same.

The security code protects all Cash App transactions, withdrawals and POS transactions etc. The security code helps to keep Cash App information including debit/credit card information secure. 

Apart from creating Cash App Pin, you should also enable your phone lock so that no one can access your phone.

How to enable the Security Lock on Cash App Account?

Learn how to activate the Cash App security lock to enhance the Cash App security below:

  • Open the Cash App.
  • Visit your account profile on App.
  • Locate ‘Privacy & Security’ and select the same.
  • Turn on the security to enable Cash App lock.
  • You can also set here touch ID or Security Pin under the ‘Privacy & Security’ tab.
  • The green colour represents the security is enabled on Cash App.

Now, you need to confirm every transaction by putting the security PIN or Touch ID.

How Can I Reset Cash App Pin?

Follow the instructions below to reset the Pin on Cash App:

  • Open your Cash App on the Phone.
  • Visit the account profile section.
  • Now, go to the ‘Privacy & Security’ tab and click on it.
  • Select ‘Change Cash Pin’
  • Enter your new security Pin and save the changes.
  • After confirming the changes, the security Pin will be changed and you will receive a message on phone.
  • You can go to the Cash App home page and use the App with more security. 

In What Situation, one should reset Cash App PIN?

Generally, Cash App never asks users to change or reset the Cash App Security Pin. There may be several situations, where users need to reset the Pin on Cash App. Go through the following steps to understand the need to reset the Cash App Pin:

  • If your phone is stolen, you must change the security Pin of the Cash App including other applications.
  • You forgot the password and are unable to remember, reset the same.
  • If you find any unusual activity on Cash App, or someone trying to hack it, reset your Pin immediately. 
  • It is recommended to reset or change the security Pin in every 4 to 6 months as it adds security to the account.


If you have read the above article, it clearly states that the users can reset or change the Cash App Pin. To protect the Cash App account, the user should change Pin from time to time. Cash Allows its users to reset or change PIN whenever there is a requirement to do so. Users need can visit the ‘Privacy & Security’ tab on the Cash App account to change or reset the PIN and enable the security.


Question 1: I have forgotten the Cash App PIN, what to do now?

Answer: Don’t worry, you can easily reset your PIN on Cash App. Visit your Cash App account and access the ‘Privacy & Security’ tab and reset the PIN.

Question 2: Is it possible to change Cash App Pin again and again?

Answer: Yes, one can change Pin on Cash App at any number of times as there is no such restriction. It is always good to change security Pin from time to time.

Question 3: Can I change Cash App Card Pin?

Answer: You should know that Pin for both Cash App and Cash Card is the same. It can be changed as per the procedure given above.

Question 4: What can I do for adding more security to Cash App Account?

Answer: Apart from changing Cash App Pin, you can also enable phone lock to increase security.

Question 5: What to do if I am unable to change Cash App Pin?

Answer: If you are unable to change or reset Pin on Cash App, contact Cash App Support and get help in this regard.

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