Verify Identity on Cash APP- (Here is a complete guide for Cash App Verification 2023)

cash app verification

The users can easily verify their Cash App account or identity on Cash App. There are a few steps, which one need to follow to get the verified account. To verify the Cash App identity, enter your full name as per the Government ID, date of birth and last four digits of the SSN. You need to follow step by step instructions to complete the Cash App verification process.

Cash App comes with great features, and not everyone is aware of each feature on Cash App. There is a sense of security and freedom on the Square Cash App. The users can get all-around solutions for different payment needs. Sending and receiving payments with Cash App is just a matter of seconds. 

Most of the users are aware of the Cash App features but, still, there is a section of users who are not well versed with the key features of Cash App. People ask what is the Cash App limit or how can increase my Cash App limit? The users must know that the identity verification on Cash App is important to increase the Cash App limit. 

If you are wondering how to verify identity on Cash App? Here in this article, you will find all the crucial information about the Cash App verification process. Initially, Cash App allows users to transfer payments not more than $250 in 7 days and receive payments worth $1000 only in 30 days. However, the best thing with Cash App is, it allows users to increase Cash App sending or receiving limit after verifying the Cash App account. Find answers to your queries regarding the Cash App identity verification process below.

Why do you need to verify identity on Cash App?

Verification of the Cash App identity is not mandatory at all. However, if you do not verify yourself on Cash App, you will be able to use Cash App with restrictions. Several limitations are there for the users who have not completed the Cash App verification process. The users are limited to transferring only $250 in a week and receive payment worth $1000 in 30 days. Whenever you will try to send payments beyond the specified limit, Cash App will prompt you to verify the account first.

However, Cash App permits users to increase the limit after verification. Users need to share some crucial information, like full legal name, date of birth, and last four numbers of SSN. Cash App may ask for more information if required. Once the verification completes, users can start sending $7500 in a week, and there is no limit on receiving payments. Now, learn how to verify the account on Cash App below.

How can you verify identity on Cash App?

The Cash App verification process is quite simple and easy to process. There is a standard procedure where you need to provide some key information. Check the crucial steps below:

  • Login to your Cash App account.
  • Click on the profile tab at the top right screen.
  • Select ‘Personal’ from the drop-down menu and tap the same.
  • Provide your details like first and last name, date of birth, mailing address and SSN.
  • Remember these details should be as per the Government ID.
  • Save the change and proceed.
  • Cash App may take 24 to 48 hours to verify your account. 

Note: Cash App has the right to ask you for some additional information if necessary. The user must have completed 18 years of age to get a verified account.

How do I know my Cash App is verified?

Once the Cash App verification process is complete, Cash App will send you a confirmation or approval mail on the registered e-mail ID. The Cash App limit for sending or receiving payment will increase automatically. You can verify the same by sending payment beyond $250. 

Moreover, you will be able to set up a direct deposit for receiving salary checks directly in the Cash App account. Also, buying or selling BTC and investing in stock would be possible with a verified account. 

How long does it take to verify your Identity?

After providing all the details like full name, DOB, address and SSN during the Cash App verification process, wait for some time. Generally, Cash App takes up to 48 hours to verify the identity on the account. Once the verification is completed, the user can start sending payment or receive payment with an increased limit.

Normally, users can send $250 in a week and receive $1000 in 30 days without verifying the account. But, verified Cash App users can send $7500 in a week and receive unlimited payment. To use the full feature of the Cash App, the user should verify the account. 

What are the benefits of verifying Cash App Account?

There are several limitations with Cash App due to its security features. Users can use Cash App services without verification also. But, most of the useful services will not work. Hence, you should understand the benefits of verifying the account on the Cash App. Check the following benefits of using a verified Cash App account:

  1. After verifying the Cash App Account, a user can become eligible to send $7500 per week and receive unlimited payment.
  2. Users can also order a Cash App Debit Card without paying any charge.
  3. One can enable Cash App direct deposit to receive salary checks or government stimulus checks directly on Cash App.
  4. Buy and sell bitcoins on Cash App.
  5. Users can also invest in stocks 

More importantly, there is enhanced security cover with a verified Cash App account. Unverified accounts are prone to unusual activity. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q1: What time Cash App takes to verify the account?

A: Generally, the Cash App approves the account verification request within 24 to 48 hours. A confirmation mail is sent to the users’ e-mail. The users can check the Cash App limit by sending more than $250. 

Q2: Can I verify my account on Cash App without SSN?

A: Not at all. To verify the account, you have to submit the last four digits of the SSN mandatorily.There is no alternate option where the user can verify the Cash App account without SSN.

Q3: How do I verify my Cash App Card?

A: If you are a verified Cash App user, then you can use the Cash Card services on Cash App. You can order and activate the card on Cash App. Once the Cash App card is activated, use it for online and offline shopping. There is no process to verify the Cash App card.

Q4: What is the Cash App limit for a verified account?

A: After Cash App verification, a user can send $7500 in a 7 days period, while there is no limit for receiving payments on Cash App.

Q5: Can I verify my Cash App if under 18?

A: No, you cannot verify your Cash App. As per the Cash App Policy, the user must be at least 18 years old to verify the account. It is an important clause and everyone must abide by the policy.A person who is below 18 is not eligible to even for opening a Cash App Account. If anyone managed to open an account, it will be blocked anytime.


It has been clarified here that the verification of identity on Cash App is quite simple. The users must verify the account to enjoy full services of the Cash App account. A user needs to provide personal details including name, date of birth, SSN and mailing address to verify the account. 

Once the Cash App approves the request, a confirmation notification will be sent on the e-mail ID of the user. After that, users can enjoy an increased Cash App limit and many more. If you face any issues while using the Cash App, contact the support team to find the solution.

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