7 Reasons for Cash App Invalid Card Number: Find ‘Invalid Errors’

cash app invalid card

Cash App invalid card number means your card is not valid anymore. The Card issuing authority has apparently blocked it. However, there may be other reasons for this error. Make sure you are entering the correct card number, CVV Pin and expiry date properly. Also, check the cardholder name and mention it correctly. 

The other possibility is your card is inactive and yet to be activated. If you are wondering what are the reasons for Cash App Invalid card error, here are the 7 main reasons discussed in this article below. You need to read every step carefully to understand the Cash App card functionality.

Cash App is a wonderful payment application, which has a pool of great features. The vital features of the Cash App whether it is online cash app transfer or receiving payments, bill payment, and Cash withdrawal, etc. Users can link a debit card with their Cash App account for effortless payments.

However, despite having fabulous payments features, sometimes, the user may face issues like Cash App ‘invalid card number’. It will create problems and stop you from making payments and funding your Cash app wallet.

What Does ‘Invalid Card Number’ Mean?

If you are receiving an invalid card number, it means there is something wrong with the card. Your card is possibly blocked by the card issuer or you have not used the card details correctly.

To avoid this issue, you must be careful while entering your debit card number, expiry date and CVV PIN. If it is blocked by the Card issuing authority or concerned bank, contact customer support.

Why Is Cash App Saying Invalid Card Number?

Cash App users may face an invalid card number error due to various reasons. Here we have explained the most common reasons that trigger cash App invalid card number below;

  1. Your Cash App Is Not Updated

You might get an invalid card number message on Cash App if you are using an old Cash App version. Therefore, update your Cash App and use it for online transactions. 

  • Debit Card Is Expired

One of the most common reasons for an invalid card number on Cash App is an expired debit card. If you are experiencing trouble while linking a debit card to Cash App, then you should check your card validity first. 

The expiry date is mentioned on every debit card, check the same. If it is expired then use another card to link with Cash App. Most of the debit cards are valid for four to five years from the date of issue. 

  • Wrong Entry of Debit Card Details

The second most common issue for the invalid card is the entry of wrong information in respect of the debit card. Users have to be careful while entering the debit card details. Keep following things in mind while linking the debit card with Cash App:

Card Number

A Debit Card number is a 16 digits code, which is unique for every debit card. You should recheck the card number and digits before proceeding to the next step.

CVV Number

You can also find a CVV (Credit Verification Value) Number on the back of your Debit Card. CVV number is a 3 to 4 digits number. Enter this code correctly as it is important for processing payments using a debit card.

Expiry Date

The Debit Card expiry date is mentioned on the front of the Card. Users can easily locate it. Usually, it is printed in the month/year format. Enter this date the given format and recheck details before tapping the submit button.

Name of the Card Holder

The Card Holder name is also printed on the Card. You should enter it correctly if required.

  • Your Card Is not Activated

Sometimes using an inactivated card can reflect an invalid card on Cash App. Cash App will decline your card if your try to link it without its activation. 

You have to activate your card at ATM as per the instruction given in the booklet that you received with Debit Card. If you find any issues while activating the card, contact bank customer support to activate the Card.

  • Your Card Is not Compatible With Cash App

It is also one of the possibilities that your card is not compatible with the Cash App. Usually, Cash App supports VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards only. If you try to link a card other than these Cards, you may receive an invalid card number message. Hence, before linking the Card, check its compatibility with Cash App.

  • Linking a Wrong Bank Account

If you have linked a wrong bank account on Cash App, it may show you an error message. Hence, you should be more careful while linking a bank account with Cash App. 

You should ensure that the debit card you are linking is connected with your bank account. 

  • Your Debit Card Is Not authorized for Online Transactions

Every debit card is not valid for online transactions. For example, some debit or prepaid cards are valid only to make payment of food bills, movie tickets or at merchant stores, etc. 

Hence, you need to check whether you have a valid card for an online transaction before linking it with Cash App.

Apart from the above suggestions, there are some other issues also. Cache and cookies on the system affect the functionality of the mobile app. Go through the following information and clear the Cache of your device:

  • Visit the ‘Setting’ section on your device.
  • Locate the Applications option.
  • Select the Cash and click on the ‘Clear Cache’ button.

If you are still struggling to find the exact reason for Cash App Invalid Card Number or Invalid Error, contact your bank or card issuing authority to find the possible reason. You can also contact Cash App Support for more clarification on the issue.

How to Contact Cash App Support?

Cash App users can contact the Support team to find out the solutions. Follow the instructions below:

  • Go to your Cash App account home screen.
  • Find the support button and tap the same.
  • Click on ‘Something Else’.
  • Select the issue you are facing.
  • Tap on the “Contact Support’.

Closing Remarks

There are no fixed reasons for Cash App Invalid Card Number or card error. Several reasons are there, it may be an expired debit card, wrong entry of card details, linking an inactivated card, and the card is valid for online payments, etc. 

The users should be careful while linking a debit card with Cash App. Enter debit card details carefully and recheck details before submitting the information.

If you have checked every detail, as discussed above, but the card is still showing invalid on Cash App, contact the bank support. Share your concerns and find out the solution. You can also contact Cash App Support to get more clarification.

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